Guest Posting: The Complete Guide From Beginner To Advance


Do you want to grow your website authority? 

If yes, then please read this article completely, Today I am going to reveal some good strategies with which you can easily rank your blog.

So we are going to talk about Guest Posting and I hope you are concerned with Guest Posting as it is a popular link building method that every blogger uses to grow its blog.

What is Guest Posting?

In simple words, Guest Posting is a method or technique to publish your articles on other people websites or blogs in exchange of links.

Today I will show you that how can you find Guest Posting Opportunities and what are some key points that you need to keep in mind before doing a Guest Post.

Why We Need Guest Posts?

Yes this is the first thing, before showing you the process of finding guest posts, I will first tell you that why you need Guest Posts For your blogs and websites.

  1. Growing Your Website Authority

  2. It is a good signal of link building

  3. Your rankings gets improved
  4. Relationship is build with bloggers and webmasters
  5. You get a good amount of traffic from the blog in which you have done a Guest Post

So these were some of the benefits that you get when you published Guest Post on every blogs and know I am going to tell you some key points that you need to keep in mind before sending a Guest Post pitch to a blogger.

Points To Keep in Mind Before Asking For a Guest Post

Below are some of the key points that you need to keep in mind before doing any Guest Post.

  • The Blog on which you are trying to publish a Guest Post should be relevant to your website

  • Checking the authority of the blog

  • Your backlink should be placed in the middle of content, as it is a good signal for search engines as compared to the links placed in the Author Box

  • Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow and Citation Flow of that blog should be good

  • The link that you are placing should never be deleted

  • Review the website Guest Posting rules so that you should not do something wrong that is against the webmaster guidelines

These were some Key Points that you need to keep in mind before sending your pitch to the blog owner.

You have to follow these things as it is necessary to get good rankings of your blog.

How To Find Guest Posts Opportunities?

Yes now this question will rise in your mind that how can you find some guest posting opportunities for your blogs and websites. 

There are many ways with which you can find guest posting websites, so lets dive right in.

1. Using Search Engines To Find Guest Posting Sites

There are some footprints that you need to type in the Google Search engine to find sites that accept guest posts, and these are as following:

Your Keyword + "Guest Post"

Your Keyword + "Write For Us"

Your Keyword + "Submit Post"

Your Keyword + "Submit News"

Your Keyword + "Submit Article"

Your Keyword + "Contribute To Our Site"

So these were some of the key strings that you need to search in Google to find Guest Posting Opportunities.

This is a good way to find blogs that are in your niche and now lets move to the 2nd method which is finding the top blogs.

2. Finding The Top Blogs in Your Niche

This is another good method with which you can find a lot of websites and blogs that are in your niche.

Just type these type of strings in the search engine to find blogs in your niche.

Top 20 Blogs in "Your Niche" Category

This is the search string that is popular, like if you want to find some blogs in Fitness niche, then please type this type of keyword in Google.

Top 20 Blogs in Fitness Category

Top 50 Blogs in Arts Category

Top 100 Blogs in Blogging Category

Search this in Google and compile a list of websites in your Excel spreadsheet, after having a large list, send pitches to the website owners that I need a guest post on this topic. Make sure your article should be high quality and attractive that the website owner should accept your pitch in less than no time. 

3. Buy Guest Posts on Fiverr, Up Work and People Per Hour

Another way to find good guest posts is to find it on freelancing websites and this costs you a little bit money.

Just head over to Fiverr, Up Work and People Per Hour, and search for "Guest Posting" there you will find many people who are giving you the guest posts, message them and get some guest posts from those people, but make sure to keep the key points of Guest Posting in your mind before paying anyone for guest posting. 

These were some best ways to find Guest posting websites and now I am going to give you a list of huge websites that accept guest posts, as I have compiled this list for you.

Below are some of the sites that accept guest posts and here is the list of them.











11. teatv apk





16. download PC games 88






These were the top websites in Blogging Category that accept guest posting and make sure to read the submission guidelines of these websites before sending them the Guest Post Pitch.

Guest Posting PROS and Cons

So there are some PROS and Cons of guest posting, and we will mention everything.

No doubt, guest posting is the best way to get high-quality backlinks and improve your search traffic, but there are some PROS and Cons of that too.

We will discuss its PROS in a great detail.